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Who or what is “Kobe Roku”?


We are a design practice born from a digital consultancy called Dalmeny Close. Our clients include major companies in the UK and EU, where we work on digital change and transformation.

Kobe Roku is a different part of our business. Our focus is on creating fun, informal and engaging messages.

Stickers and T-Shirts?

We love stickers. We love T-shirts.

We think they’re great ways of expressing who we are as people and bringing a little happiness. Seeing Gooner on a laptop, or someone walking around with Tabe on their chest should bring a smile to anyone’s lips.

Having a webshop lets us share some of our fun.


A lot of research went into which company we would partner with to start our webshop. We settled on Redbubble as they have a good quality product and meet some of our sustainability objectives. Because each order is manufactured ONLY when it is ordered, there’s very little waste. They also use environmentally friendly materials in their packaging and the clothing and stickers.

And that name? What does it mean?

Our founder’s wife is Japanese and was born in the port city of Kobe. The first CSS design system he created for a client had 6 layers. “Roku” is 6 in Japanese.

Kobe Roku became the name of the CSS design system we used in our web design projects. We decided to adopt the name for our design practice.

Who knows, maybe in a year or two we will open a facility in Japan too!

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