Stay inside and stay safe

Stay inside and stay safe

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Coronavirus is affecting our daily lives. Up to a half of the planet’s population is under some sort of restriction as our governments and health officials try to contain the spread of this virulent disease.

While some people are under “full lockdown” and not allowed to go outside, others have been more flexible. The UK’s Government has told people to stay inside unless they are a commuting “keyworker”, shopping for essentials or taking daily exercise.

As the warm weather has started to return to the northern hemisphere and cherry blossom and sun has appeared, there’s been temptation to “bend” what’s allowed and encouraged. People have had impromptu football games, held BBQs or used parks to sunbathe.

Please don’t.

Restrictions are in place to help us, and as tough as they can seem they should be adhered to. Health systems are creaking and many are suffering the mental health effects of being on lock down. Stealing a few minutes lying down to work on a tan no one will see helps no one.

Psychologically it is tough to stay at home. Having an hour each day to get outside is a much needed way to ease stress, see other people and give your eyes and mind a rest. If we lose this because a few people decide to flout the rules it could be devastating for many.

Please stay inside and follow the instructions give by health officials and public health bodies. These are the people who know what’s happening in your area and are working to limited its spread, reduce deaths and treat those who show extreme symptoms. The egg avatar claiming it’s “5G causing the rona” or Sam, the weebo fan of anime, talking about Vitamin D and rickets are NOT experts.

Above all, please stay safe.

Stay safe by staying indoors and isolated while the coronavirus calms down

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