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Hello to Gooner, Inu and everyone else

Hello to Gooner, Inu and everyone else

It started as a joke. We were working on an advertising concept for a Japanese company. Somehow we had to incorporate their mascot within the design.

Mascots are huge in Japan. They’re everywhere and almost every business has one. As we prepared to move there (long story, on hold at the moment) we decided to create our own.

Cue Gooner.

He’s a cheeky university student, heart’s in the right place and tries to do the right thing. It doesn’t always work out though.

But we couldn’t leave Gooner on his own. So along came Inu – his pet dog. And then Fuku Bunny. They kept coming.

Each has their own back story, and some will be more important than others. They’ll pop up on stickers, t-shirts and whatever else we get around to.

Over time we’re pretty sure they’ll grow on you.

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