Want to licence a character? Here’s how…

Want to licence a character? Here’s how…

We’re open to licencing our characters for use on other products or in marketing campaigns. This page gives you a high-level view of why you might licence a character and what it involves. It’s intended as a starting point and there would be more detailed discussions between us before we agreed to a licence.

Do I need a licence?

Yes. The characters produced by Kobe Roku are our intellectual property. Using a character without permission is theft. We pursue unauthorised use of our characters through criminal and civil courts.

Now the warning is out of the way…

Why licence a character?

Our characters have a certain charm. They have a growing following. They stand out.

Adding one of our characters to your product or marketing will have a halo effect, drawing people into your business who might otherwise not have come. You may find fans search your products out, as well as their greater appeal from having Gooner or Tabe on the outside.

What does it involve?

When we licence a character, we reach an agreement to use them on a specific product in a specific way. For example, we may agree to let you use Fuku Bunny on the lid of a pencil case. You can then manufacture, market and sell your pencil case.

(We’ll also market it by including it on this website and in our social media feeds).

If you then decide to produce a pencil case with Fuku Bunny on the side, or a ruler to go inside with Tabe on, you’ll need another licence. The good news is once we’ve set up one, the rest are a lot easier and quicker to sort out.

As for costs, there’s a small fee to set up the licence agreement and then we are paid a small commission for each product that’s manufactured. Our aim is to keep these costs low so smaller businesses can benefit from licencing our products (and you’re happier to licence across multiple product lines!)

What can’t we licence a character for?

While our characters are occasionally naughty or mischievous, we try to keep them child friendly. This influences our decisions about where we will and will not allow them to be used.

There are products we will not permit our characters to be used on. These include medicines, tobacco products, sweets and candy, sex toys and of course anything illegal. We are also concerned about the environment and sustainability, so tend to favour products and companies that have this close to their heart.

What do I do next?

If you’d like to have a discussion about obtaining a licence, contact us using the form below with an overview of your idea.

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