Photography revisited

Photography took a backseat for a while, yet remains a firm passion. Enjoy a sample from my archive while I build a new mobile studio.
Ross Hall Saturday March 20, 2021
Photography revisited

Photography has been a passion of mine for more than thirty years. It started with a simple “point and click” and film that had to be sent away to be processed. In late 1999 I got my first digital camera that took stunning 640 x 480 pixel images. More cameras followed and I started working with models, bands and designers.

Then came the decision to immigrate to Japan and everything went on hold for a while. Cancer and coronavirus delayed plans by more than two years until, finally, my wife and I arrived in Osaka in late 2020.

A mobile studio is being assembled as I write this. The aim is to offer clients here in Japan access to portrait and product photography, to offer stock imagery and produce photo books. Work is progressed, and I’m pleased to report the first photobook is well on its way to completion. I’ve also started reaching out to the local community here in Kobe to find new and interesting subjects to shoot and include on the site.

Until then, these are just a small sample of the many hundreds of thousands of photographs I’ve taken over the years. You’ll find more in my portfolio.

Black and white portrait photograph of young woman stood underneath Brick Lane street sign
Elle. Brick Lane, London.
Photograph of two members of a band with one kneeling by a rubbish bin and and other looking on
Midday Morning. Borehamwood.
Black and white portrait photograph of young black woman looking directly into the camera
Samantha. Waterloo, London.
Portrait photograph of a singer and songwriter looking straight into the camera
Michel Atkins. Spittlefields, London.
Portrait photograph of a young black woman stepping out of a doorway
Marion. City of London.
Monochrome portrait photograph of a young man with a guitar leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets
David Stephenson. Brent Cross.
Black and white photograph of an Asian woman wearing a short black dress by a fallen tree.
Jamie Oon. Greenwich, London.
Photograph of a band from London with one member crouched close to the camera with their hand outstretched and other members looking on
Clap 4 Me. Southbank, London.

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