The who’s who of characters

The who’s who of  characters

All of our characters have a story to tell…


Gooner is a student at the prestigious St Winton’s college at Oxbridge University.

He’s a bit mischievous, doesn’t always follow the rules and while his plans might not work out for the best, his heart is in the right place.

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Gooner is a comic mascot featured on Kobe Roku stickers

Inu the dog

Inu-chan is Gooner’s dog. They’re a loyal pet, always there to help him out when he needs the help.

Inu-chan is smart and logical and always has a good idea or two. Sadly most people don’t understand what they say.

Inu the dog is a cartoon character

Fuku Rabbit

The experiment was supposed to have created an intelligent rabbit. Only it went a little bit wrong.

Instead they got a bunny who’s quite grumpy.

Fuku Bunny is a grumpy bunny rabbit

Puurfect Cat

Puurfect Cat lives in the college. She think she’s cute and demands attention from everyone.

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Gooner has a teddy bear. His name is Bear.

Teddy bear character available on a cartoon sticker

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