Soviet inspired Avant Garde movie posters

Soviet inspired Avant Garde movie posters

During the early days of the Soviet Union there was something of a renaissance in art. There was still a degree of optimism the great socio-political experiment would succeed. Art was encouraged and flourished to some extent, albeit commercial art was centralised and planned. Perhaps railing against this centralisation, a highly distinct form of abstract art emerged. It used montage and illustration, subverting the traditions being established by Hollywood to create its own narrative.

This mini-project show-cases several movie posters I created that were inspired by the movement. As these are “fan art” you can’t buy them, but feel free to enjoy and maybe share as well.

Bold Colours and Blocks

Bold, bright colours were often seen. Posters might only be glimpsed for a few seconds, so they had to grab people’s attention. They were also printed on cheap paper – and sometimes on the back of old posters. Brighter blocks hid any bleed-through that might find its way into the printing process.

Top Gun
Iron Man


The artist often didn’t have much more than a couple of promotional photos and a vague and badly translated synopsis. Sometimes they didn’t even have that. They were also expected to produce the poster within incredibly short timescales: perhaps receiving the promo materials at 5pm with print starting at 10am the next day.

It wasn’t uncommon for the poster to twist the plot a little to suit the Soviet narrative.

Captain America reborn as Captain CCCP

Photo Montage

Photo montages were often used to draw elements together. Sometimes they were abstract placement of images from the film, occasionally they helped conveyed a story.

Rasputin: Fall of the Romanovs
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


This style of construction has featured in work I’ve completed for commercial projects. It works well in both digital and print formats, and stands out from current trends.

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