Single covers – a daily design challenge

Single covers – a daily design challenge

A daily design challenge is a great way of building your skills. It will help you focus on learning how to use a new tool or refresh a technique you might not have used in a while. Whether you decide to share the results or quietly consign them to the trash doesn’t matter. What matters is you’ve learnt something.

You can pick up design challenges from the interwebs, or come up with your own. These are from a “single cover” challenge I created a few months back.

The rules were simple: hit shuffle on iTunes, pressed “next track” three times and whatever started playing was my topic.

In total I had 90 minutes. Half an hour was for thinking, the other hour for designing. Everything had to be done on my iPad Pro and I couldn’t use design elements or photographs unless I’d created them.

For a week I sat down in the early evening with earphones on and churned out new designs. Some are a bit hit-and-miss, some I’m OK with. What matters is the process of creating and designing.

Try it sometime. It’ll help you improve.

Massive Attack: Unfinished Sympathy
Single cover for The Whale Swallowed Me by Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie: The What Swallowed Me
Design challenge cover for Starlings by Elbow
Elbow: Starlings
Single cover concept for 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
2 Bad Mice: Bombscare
Cover design concept for Dreams by Beck
Beck: Dreams
Marilyn Manson Personal Jesus design concept
Marilyn Manson: Personal Jesus

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