Pension updates – they don’t have to be boring

Pension updates – they don’t have to be boring

My annual pension statements arrived in a flurry of meh-ness. Dry, dull, poor attempts to use “bright colours” to make them more engaging.

I know there are legal minimums they have to meet – I used to work in Compliance. My battles to make policy documentation more engaging and informative were lost. Mostly, I suspect, because they wondered what the catch was.

Anyway, I decided to have a go at creating one of my own. So I dusted off an old “brand” I’d used in mock-ups, changed a few numbers for the sake of privacy, and put pen to paper.

Cover page

Since I moved home 2 years ago I’ve found half of the companies I deal with have the wrong information about me. So how about putting it front and centre?

Pension plan summary - the cover page acknowledging what you know about me

How are we doing?

Biggest gripe is trying to work out what happened over the past year and giving it some sort of context. Pension companies like numbers. I like pictures.

Pension plan summary - past performance

Are you saving enough?

This is stuff I find useful for planning ahead. Just how much will I get as a pension if I do nothing – or if I keep paying in? What happens if returns are worse than you expect, or better? Sometimes this information is buried in the text as numbers. Again – give me pictures to compare.

Pension plan summary - are you saving enough for your future

What else could you do?

There’s two sides to this. First, the pension company wants me to save more with them because that’s good for them. Second, I may want to save more because what I’m getting back isn’t enough to live on. This one probably matters more to me.

Generic suggestions abound, so how about making them personal to me. It doesn’t need complex AI to generate a few simple triggers that make things more engaging for me. Just acknowledge the data you already have about tme.

Pension plan summary - could you do better in the future?

I have to tell you this

There’s stuff that has to be said. It’s dull, it’s boring, few people actually read it. At least make an effort to encourage me to read it.

Pension plan summary - assumptions made about you

In an ideal world…

… Pension companies would provide useful and well designed documents that help their customers. Based on what I get through the post, this message has yet to be received. Instead we’re treated to a wall of text, loads of numbers and occasional stock images of people doing things we don’t care about.

Could we please have more pictures, better comparisons and something that’s easier to read and digest?


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